Custom Idle Animation

Custom Idle Animation

This is my very first Lua script, it’s an addon for The Elder Scrolls Online.

With this addon you are able to replace the default idle animation with any ingame emotes.
You can use idle sets to totally customize your idle animation with all available emotes. Every emote can be given a minimum play time and a priority for more customization.

The emotes will play almost immediately after your character’s idle starts and the defined delay has passed. After that, the emotes will refresh everytime when the defined minimum time has passed. The same emote can be executed more than once, which can result in a longer time a certain emote is being played.

With the chat command /cia or Escape->Settings->Addons->Custom Idle Animations you will get into the settings.
If you hover with the cursor over the single settings, a tooltip will pop up with helpful informations.

You can assign keys to easily switch between the idle sets and a key to activate/deactivate the addon in the controls settings of ESO.

Key Information
Language: Lua
Engine/Framework: The Elder Scrolls Online Addon API
Platform: Windows
Dev.-Time: ca. 1 week for the first version
Download: Addon
Source: GitHub