Pixel Commander

Pixel Commander is a mobile game of Dev6 Game Studio (where I am trainee) that was released on monday the 20th of July for Android. Windows Phone 8 and iOS versions are coming soon.
It is a beautiful, turn-based, challenging strategy game I have a lot of fun with.
You control your personal army of pixels to defend your land and conquer new.
Create your own strategy with 11 special units in more than 50 levels.

In my internship I’m helping out with QA Testing and I’m making the Windows Phone 8 build.
While I was working on it, I’ve found a bug in Unity for Windows Phone 8 builds.
If you place an animated sprite over another, both will be semitransparent, even without setting it up.
I’ve searched the code over and over for the reason of that bug, until I’ve found out that it’s a bug of Unity itself.
This bug is in Unity 4.6.x and will be fixed soon.
That means that the Windows Phone 8 build will have a non-gamebreaking, visual bug. Because of that, the game will be cheaper on Windows Phone Store, until it will be fixed.

For more information on Pixel Commander, feel free to check the landing page: